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About the Owner

DMSRetail is a world renowned supplier of retail expertise for 25 years.

DMSRetail experts are seasoned retail professionals who have had hands on experience all the way from selling floor to executive positions of various retail chains operating in electronics, apparel, telecom, pharmacy, furniture, confectionary, hardware and more.

They are currently very active consulting clients, helping them achieve performance levels they thought were not possible before they engaged DMSRetail.

One of the things that sets DMSRetail apart from the others in the field is the unique ability to combine company culture, performance, rewards and analytics.

Utilizing their vast experience and knowledge, they have created training programs for all levels of retail business as well as success guides, tools and other resources to help retail professionals operate at the highest possible performance levels.

Here's what our customers said about just one of our workshops: (We have 1000's of customers from 28 countries. For a more broad selection of testimonials please goto

"The Retail Operations Management Workshop provided by DMSRetail has exceeded expectations."

"It was really one of the best, most fruitful workshops I have ever attended."

"One of the best training sessions I have ever attended."

About This Site

 Break out of the accepted and restrictive "norm" of retailing. (The one that's keeping you from earning the massive amount of money you could and SHOULD be earning.)

 Grow your business EXPONENTIALLY... and prosper more than you can currently imagine... regardless of the economy...

 While others not privy to these secrets work harder and harder for less and less... with fear & anxiety as their constant companions... 

 Proven, Time Tested, Highly Effective Marketing & Business Principles and Tools That WORK! 

 Doing More Of The Same... Yet Expecting Different Results... Is Just Plain DELUSIONAL!

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SECTION 1: Retail Math

Lesson 1:

Retail Math Made Simple

SECTION 2: Retail Business Intelligence

Lesson 2:

Retail Business Intelligence

SECTION 3: Retail Sales Management

Lesson 3:

Retail Sales Management

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